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"Thank you for your professionalism, fast response time and knowledge in getting our website noticed!

After hiring you to optimize our website we saw a huge increase in referrals from our website."

-- Kristen Burris
American Acupuncture Center


"Savvy Sites has done a wonderful job making my site one of the top insurance sites in San Diego. Thanks! I can track nearly a 200% ROI.

My website tops many of the search engines.

I have agents call me to find out why my site is so highly ranked and I simply tell them Savvy Sites!"

-- Joe Giamanco
Farmers Insurance Agent


"Rarely, if ever, have I worked with a company who has been so professional, responsive, thorough, and pleasant to work with…

I'm thrilled with our Web site, & I wholeheartedly recommend Savvy Sites..."

-- Lisa Woods

Sunnyside Castone


Web Site Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, SEO

Who needs it?  


Web site marketing strategy is critical. There are now billions of web pages on the internet, including those of your competitors. How can you make your web site stand out from the crowd to draw more visitors and prospects?  Well, first, people need to find your website. Why invest thousands of dollars in your web site if nobody can find it?


Search Engine Marketing

The majority of internet users find a website by using search engines, such as Google. If you were building a new store, like a shoe store or supermarket, you would give serious thought to "location, location, location!" Wouldn't you put your shop near a busy intersection or shopping mall with lots of traffic?  Well, search engines are like giant malls, were people go to find just about everything under the sun.

Of course, you want a prime spot at this "mall" for your shop.  A prime location at Google would be on page one of the search results for your product or service, such as "running shoes".  (The word or short phrase typed into a search engine is called a keyword.)  About 50% of web searchers look beyond page one, and only about 25% search beyond page two.  We can help you get listed on page one or two of Google results for keywords describing your business.  In fact, that may just be how you found this web site.

Search engine marketing is all about using search engines to help people find your web site.  Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the things that are done to your web site to make it search engine friendly

Web Site Marketing Strategy

Typical goals include: page 1 results on searches for your company name, generating more sales leads, increased online sales. People often don't remember a web address, so you must have good visibility for searches on your company name.  This does not happen automatically.  How many website addresses for companies do you recall?

Determining the best keywords for your website is critical.  We call this keyword research. It's not just a matter of which keyword phrases get the most traffic. The keywords must be targeted, fit your business and have an appropriate level of competition, so you can achieve a listing on page one or two within a reasonable time period.  Keyword work for PPC is a bit different, because one also must consider the bid price for each keyword.

As a minimum, we strongly suggest optimizing your home page for your company name plus one or two related keywords.  It may also be productive to optimize additional web pages.

Of course, the job isn't finished when new visitors find your website listing on page one or two of Google. Your listing must be concise and attractive, so they click the link and go to your site.  Of course, your website needs to look professional, be easy to navigate, and have compelling text and graphics.  Web traffic statistics is key to  be able to understand the sources of your leads and behavior of website visitors.  Of course, don't forget to budget for search engine marketing to drive traffic to your site.  See details at right.

Our Marketing Approach

We rely upon proven, conservative methods which adhere to guidelines by major search engines. That means no hidden text, cloaking, link farms or other tricks which might get you penalized or even banished from Google or other search engines. See more testimonials from our web marketing and website design clients.

Why Hire a Web Marketing Professional?

Yes, you could do it yourself, if you have the time to learn it and stay abreast of the latest changes. However, many website owners find that their time is better spent running their business and that hiring a good web marketing firm is money well spent. An experienced web professional can get your site off to a good start and minimize the risk that you might accidentally use methods which could get your website penalized or banned by a major search engine. Perhaps the most compelling reason is simply that it works! Google now makes billions in profit from their highly popular Adwords program. It's likely that you use search engines when looking for a product online. Don't miss out. Call now for a free consultation.

Professional Web Site DesignersWebsite Maintenance

Budgeting for Web Marketing

What does it cost?

Web Traffic Statistics

Breakdown for sources of visitors to a typical website.

Two key ways to drive traffic to your website are using the organic (free) search engine results, and running a pay per Click (PPC) campaign.  Pay per click programs, such as Google's Adwords, show small paid ads listed as "Sponsored Links" on the right of the free search results.

Determining the best keywords for your website is critical.  Choose the wrong keywords and your optimization efforts are doomed from the start.  the best keywords are not always intuitively obvious. The most popular keywords are not always the best. High volume keywords attract a lot of competition, making it harder to be listed on page one or two.  We use special tools to determine the keyword volume and level of competition.

As a minimum, we strongly suggest optimizing your home page for your company name plus one or two related keywords.  It may also be productive to optimize additional web pages.

Pay per click costs involve direct fees paid to Google for each visitor (click) to your website.  In addition, your campaigns need to be setup and managed.  We setup and manage these campaigns for clients.  Bid prices for campaigns vary widely for different keywords, ranging from about 10 cents per click to several dollars each.

OK, so what's it going to cost to do this? It depends upon your objectives, of course. In general, expect to pay at least $500 per month for organic search engine work in the first year. If you don't, expect to be disappointed by lack of visitors. It takes at least 1-3 months to get significant results from search engine optimization and normally longer for a new site. A PPC campaign can start driving traffic to your site in just a few days! It's a great tool for getting quick results.

For Pay per Click, expect to pay click fees plus management fees totaling at least 10-15% of the sales value generated from the campaign.  Our fees include a setup charge plus monthly management fee starting at $200.

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